New Rajnigandha Attar

Attar Rajnigandha is traditionally derived from the flowers of Tuberose whose botanical name is POLIANTHES TUBEROSA.This is known for its pure sweetness and soothing aroma.It is also a night blooming plant.The fragrance is a mesmerizing combination of the exotic and the floral.It is noted not only for its beauty but also for its delightful fragrances.This flower is said to rule the silence of the twilight with its irresistible fragrance.It is an aphrodisiacs and may help with impotence or frigidity.Its aroma is sensual and can be a beautiful addition to blends intended for relaxation, sensuality and romance.Attar Tuberose is co-distilled with Sandalwood oil by Hydro-distillation method and due to its delightful fragrance,it is much used in cosmetics,aromatherapy,fragrance and perfume companies.