New Hina Musky Attar

The Hina Musky Attar(perfumery oil) is obtained from the blends of various spices, herbs and flowers through the Hydro-distillation process. The origin place of this attar is India and it is popular worldwide due to its rich, spicy and fascinating fragrance. It required the base of sandalwood oil to prepare this attar. Enriched with high therapeutic properties, this attar has great ability to cure many of the skin ailments as well as mental problems.


This fabulously scented attar is best suited for making various perfumes and thus highly demanded in the perfume industry. Due to healing capacity of its fragrance, it is more popular perfumes among people. Its aroma is very uplifting and cures even acute depression and also provides relief from high stress and anxiety. It is also very effective in curing insomnia problem. Its rich fragrance can sooth your mental neurons and get you sound sleep.